No. 1220 - February 22nd 2022
"my old dog"
Jersh: Just remembered a really funny story about my old dog. One winter he decided he really liked to shit in one corner of the yard. This dog shit a lot, so we're talking like 3 big shits a day. We all liked this because it was far away from where anyone ever went so he could shit there and we could just leave it.
Jersh: What we didn't realize was the pinpoint accuracy with which this dog shat. After the snow melted we were left with a literal 2 foot tall mound of old dogshit in the corner of our yard. He had been shitting within a foot of the same spot for like 6 months straight. My entire family, dog included, was fucking horrified at this.
Jersh: He started shitting in other places. It took a couple years before "Mt. Payton" got composed into dirt

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