No. 1421 - September 11th 2022
"happy patriot act day"
Diz: The Big Meaty Memorial Monument we built in 7 Days to Die to commemorate the nonsense
Diz: this image dates back to mid 2017
Diz: Nor have I ever discussed Zach's "Stopping 9/11 would have been easy" 5 hour rant
Diz: or the awkward and open flirting two people did in VC for over a year while the rest of us were just trying to game
Marl: don't know what he said but i agree
Picarto: Can I ask what the fuck is Big Meaty

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No. 1435 - Sunday, September 25th 2022
"norway part three"

No. 1436 - Monday, September 26th 2022

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