No. 1436 - September 26th 2022
Jersh: temperature, being a scalar quantity, makes little sense for the most cold to be also nothing. Having lived speaking english and being brought up under these systems, I can understand and comprehend them, yet still see the peculiarities in such.
Lowen: In the same way that an electron hole is formally observed as a "particle" despite in actuality being the lack of an electron, the "most cold" minimum of the scalar field is a simple inversion of semantic perspective where useful - in the context of approaching absolute zero.
Lowen: I propose that it makes perfect sense, considering that the most of the negative of the magnitude of an absolute quantity can only ever be nothing.
Lowen: Additionally I hold that Norway is not cold because he is a Norway, and it is a fundamental axiom of Norways to not ever get cold per the generally accepted tactile definition.
Jersh: we need data
Jersh: @Norway what is the approximate average temperature of your skin

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