No. 1796 - September 21st 2023
"AMazing ATheist"
Egg: so this DUMB creationist is telling me that ANAL SEX is just something GAY MEN use to torture themselves IN THE FACE OF GOD? That it feels like ABSOLUTE HELLISH TORTURE? Really? leans in closer to the camera really now? Are you really going to believe some religious fruitcake or are you going to believe rigorous experimental testing. I enacted a weeks-long double blind experiment to test this nutjob's theory, and I found that ANAL SEX, IN F A C T, does NOT feel like ABSOLUTE HELLISH TORTURE. GOD I HATE BIBLEFAGS. Look at the data yourself"
cut to the amazing atheist pumping a shit-smothered banana in and out of his tortured ass while experiencing a brain-shattering prostate orgasm through his sissycage

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