No. 206 - May 17th 2019
Lowen: im gonna draw all the fortnite characters as LGBT furries and make furry fortnite OCs until i get massively fucking popufur
Lowen: 1 million followers
Lowen: and then all of a sudden i quit everything and find people i disagree with politically
Lowen: and every single post i find that i disagree with i respond with "EAT MUDCOCK, JEWISH LIZARD" over and over until i win
Lowen: and my small country of followers all support me and pat me on the back and rub my tranny tits and suck my chode because im the lgbt fortnite hero and therefore christ himself
Lowen: when i'm not crushing tghe gbrunpftard nazi right-winglets with my holy catchphrase "EAT MUDCOCK, JEWISH LIZARD" i am busy filling up my royal twitter with "I am the best exclusively Furry playercharacter Fortnite Gamer and I am Queer" repeated literally thousands of times in more slight variations than you can imagine
Lowen: eventually my legacy of once making art is completely forgotten and i am hailed by my legion of twitter subordinates as the single bravest pro furry fortnite gamer to ever grace the highly privileged cis-heteronormative gender binary fascist hellscape that is the Gaming Community
Lowen: thousands of millions of billions of twitter battles raging every day in which my loyal subjects courageously defend my honour
Lowen: from ANYONE who has the GALL to take advantage of the single most evil and unjust law to ever grace the world:
Lowen: the """""right""""" to free speech.
Lowen: aka literal hate crimes and harrassment and bullying and racism and the one single cause of suicide ever

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