No. 253 - July 3rd 2019
Ikky: pizza only talks about bird paws 24/7
Ikky: kobal only talks about the death of the white race
Ikky: johnny actually fucks kids
Ikky: Madman is actually a gay rapist who has raped every member of the basement
Ikky: glacier is only about monsters fucking her
Ikky: cal is a qt lizard girl irl
Ikky: alvar actually is just the embodiment of norweiganvania who hates america
Ikky: jersh is only pickle juice and rancid beef
Ikky: lowen is a spider with socks and a robot girl dakimakura
Ikky: ray only has two passions in life and its snowboarding and bee assholes
Ikky: pocky wants steven's dad to rape him while pearl watches, 
Ikky: lazz actually is a furry in denial.
Ikky: egg is fortnite and the embodiment of china
Ikky: mak is only about cars and paws
Ikky: picarto is a russian transformation experiment
Ikky: draggy is only old and senile and lizard titty obsessed
Ikky: and I'm only about tits the size of parade floats.
Ikky: am i forgetting anyone
Johnny: you forgot that I am also a lizard you fucking racist

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