No. 280 - July 30th 2019
Jersh: You guys wanna know something depressing? Out of all the times ive played basketball in school ive made 3 shots
Cal: how many times have you played basketball
Jersh: Like maybe 20 times a year
Jersh: That i have a gym class, that is.
Jersh: I have the depth perception and arm strength of a fucking miscarriage and also tend to freeze if im expected to do something
Jersh: I made like, one goal and a few supports in soccer when I took that in middle school. Im a god at badminton though. Ive beat 3 people at once before
Johnny: more like sadminton
Cal: b&mitten
Jersh: I hit that shuttlecock hard
Glacier: I had no idea Alaska had an education system
Johnny: they don't
it's just badminton

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