No. 29 - November 21st 2018
Cal: After all these years, after all of these BULLETS I have had to TAKE for you. You repay me... With this? How could you, the man who saved my johnny boega sandwiches from tony rocket.. The man who I spent TWELVE FUCKING YEARS posing as a fake midget furry to stop the nig 6 from terrorizing your garbage house... The man who I took the BLAME when the FDA found a correlation between the needles provided by our Heroin 4 Kidz company and the recent rise in mental retardation in toddlers... The man who.. Called me stupid? You are nothing but a coward, nothing but a traitor, nothing but a good for nothing, backstabbing, lying, faggot. You think you have won, you think you have just thrown another "pawn" down the shitter for YOUR gain.. But that couldn't be farther from the truth... I'm going to hunt you down, hunt your family down, hunt your MONEY down, and burn it all to the ground. I am going to make you fucking reGRET doing this to me, you will cry in the arms of your first dog, crying that you weren't such a fucking nigger to those who have done so much to you... One day.. This WILL HAPPEN, and YOU WILL PAY.  YOU WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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