No. 356 - October 14th 2019
Madman: [in the voice of Mark's dad] Shut up!
Cal: [anthony padilla] shut up
Pizza: [barack obama] nigger
Lazz: [Mark Zuckerberg] lizerd noises
Johnny: well now I'm horny
Lazz: dammit johny, is eight restraining orders not enough?
Makimbo: johnny want's to fuckerberg the zuccerberg
Johnny: eight is small-time
Johnny: I simply unlock my chakra gates and instantly teleport
Oxi: But can you give a quick rundown about the Bogdanoffs
Johnny: [teleports in jewish]
Lazz: back in the old days we didnt have use Jutsus to break court ordered prohibition.
Lazz: thanks Obama

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No. 2004 - Tuesday, April 16th 2024
"french bowl of smelly plants"


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