No. 499 - March 5th 2020
Pocky: so me and my friend frederic cosby were going down to the shop by the ebach and we were looking for some surfers, so heres what we did, we whipped out our dicks
Pocky: they said "hey man thats really messing with our jujus", so we said "wanna play some medabots" so he said "yeah" and he whipped it out of his gaping asshole and we were rady to play medabots, but he pulled a fast one on us, and he whipped out his penis and started peeing on us so we said "thats not okay"
Pocky: so we ran out to a dark alley way, so  when we were in thew dark alley way we jumped into a sewer pipe and met a sewer person and he said "wanna try a sandwhich" and we said "no" and he said "wanna try a sandhich" and we said "no" and he said "wanna try a sandwhich" and we ejaculated in his face and ran away
Pocky: then we saw our worst enemy in the distance in the sewer, what's his name you ask? scrunkus hunkus, we were terrified, we started filling out boots, and he said "EAHUGHUhgUHGughUGH", he then threw a shrimp cocktail at us
Pocky: and started summoning demons, we ran so fast, well lets just say usain bolt would be masturbating to us, and then he exaentually caught up to us and whipped his butt out and started shooting hunks of popcorn at us covered in marshmellows of the sugar
Pocky: we picked one up and ate it and continued running, we busted out into the citty and saw there was a hobo fight broking out, they were holding signs of the perfect university of pumpkin fucking, they stopped to look at us and asked "hey you kids want to learn out to fuck a pumpkin"
Pocky: and we sai d"yeah sure" we were tired and wanted the stimulation, so he whipped out a jack knife and started carving a whole in the pumnpkin and he said "you stick ya dick in the pumpkin hole, ya go to town,a nd when you cream inside ya turn it into mash and make it into a pie and feed it tyo your grifleirend"
Pocky: and then when we creamed in the pumpkin as instructioned, and we threw it at our enemy, who died instantly because he had a semen allergy, he was being slowly being eaten away at from the inside as his body produced semen, we then continued jacking it to surfer dudes, the end

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