No. 760 - November 20th 2020
Picarto: Uhm, excuse me kind sir, but what could you possibly mean when you said the word, "upma"? According the dictionaries that I&qpos;m reading right now, "upma" is not a part of the English language and as such, has no meaning within the context of my message. Did you possibly mistype the word "puma"? I am so very sorry kind sir
Picarto: but this cat, as you can see, is a regular domestic cat and not, in fact, a puma. I know it is very easy to mistake the two considering they&qpos;re both from the feline family tree but I assure that this is not the case and it is, in fact, a regular, run of the mill, domestic house cat.
Picarto: Thank you for commenting on my comment even if it doesn&qpos;t make any sense in the end, however. I hope you have a good day, good sir.

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