No. 282 - August 1st 2019
"Koba: Boozer"
Koba: i am very intoxicated
Koba: i premtively apologize for any chicanery that follows tonight
Madman: what is the cause for thy drunken state
Cal: booze, dumbass, what else
Ray: Crack
Koba: Alcohol, as iterator Caliber has previously postulated
Koba: also, I'm trying to feel something, anything at this point
Koba: and it worked
Koba: i feel, really good
Koba: loose and relaxed
Koba: a little liquid delimiter helps a lot
Ikky: kobal fuck me in the ass
Johnny: feel this dick, boy
Koba: ikky, on this one occasion
Koba: i will, as opposed to any other time
Koba: tell you to go stick yo dick in a wood chipper and miss me with that gay shit YEEEEET]

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