No. 321 - September 9th 2019
Draggy: I had 2 guys ask me to help them with a fanfiction they're writing. I'm like, wth - I'll check it out. Once again, as I should have guessed, a rather generic, grammatically inept attempt at OC insert-itice with nothing original to say and every boring memery you can imagine.
Draggy: Then one of them mentioned he wanted the OC to be the same age he is - 15.  Warning! Warning!  No, do not engage the public, Ray. Nothing good can come from it. Unless he offers $. Then take the $ and laugh.
Ray: yea no im expecting something like that rofl
Cal: you should tell him how old you are so he gets scared that you're a paedophile and doesn't talk to you ever again
Johnny: you should send him dick pics
Ray: im 7890i802379 yteaers old d  NOt MESSAGE ME AEVER AGAWIUN
Koba: "I am older than human history. I have seen a thousand thousand galaxies born and die. I was present at the creation of the universe and will be there at its passing. And you, an insignificant speck in the asscrack of time, deign yourself worthy of my attention.
Koba: You are lucky I do not feel the need to erase you where you stand. Begone from me, pitiful being. Bother some lesser god."
Johnny: ur mom gay

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