No. 563 - May 8th 2020
Ikky: He's a man before the discovery of germs
Ikky: He doesn't wash properly so his butthole is gonna be crusty with poopie and last month's diahrea while his uncut dick will be practically slathered with bubbly smegma
Ikky: Chunky too that probably slips around in your mouth before dissolving between the tongue and the roof of the mouth. :heart_eyes:
Ikky: With a fuzz like texture along your tongue as you take a fat rolling lick off under his foreskin
Ray: Yea keep going please
Ikky: Not to mention that wonderful sourbitter taste that would probably linger as it sticks to the back of your throat
Ikky: God I want to slorp his peenie clean
Ray: YEP
Ikky: It would have to take a few swallows to get it down

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No. 1435 - Sunday, September 25th 2022
"norway part three"

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